Year End Party

March 17, 2008

I’d just like to thank Ray, Jessica, Megan and Mark for hosting such a great night!  I know these last 8 months flew by and we all made great friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.  


Three weeks today we’re done.I’m pretty confident in myself when I say that everyone in the class has mixed emotions. After spending our lives in school we find ourselves at the end of a long journey and I don’t know whether to be excited or scared. Excited because we’re done school and about to enter the working world, scared because we’re done school and about to enter the working world… I guess it’s bitter sweet. Are we sure we know everything to succeed? To get our first interview? Our first job? The next few months will be a completely different experience for us. Not knowing what the near future holds is one of the most terrifying things, and I’m not ready, or willing to experience the whirlwind that comes along with finding that first job.. hopefully I don’t have that problem 🙂


March 4, 2008

A week has gone by, and I’m still not too thrilled with this blogging thing. My thoughts toward it have actually gotten worse. I’m usually very computer savvy, but I can’t understand this thing for the life of me.. I’ve yet to understand how to get my blogroll up on my page. I have all of my contacts up in the blogroll, but it won’t show up on the page. FRUSTRATING!! any ideas as to why this is hapening?

Social Media

February 28, 2008

We’ve learned that social media is growing in PR, but I’m not a big fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting my opinion out there and what better way to do so by starting a blog but I don’t like the feeling of everyone being able to access it. I’ve always been pretty selective with what I say to whom, and I feel like I can’t do that here. I don’t think you’ll see me starting my own “real” blog any time soon..

Hello world!

February 4, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!